Sunday, 19 January 2014

Becoming April

Last night I snapped at my mom. It really wasn't called for and she really didn't deserve it. And this morning I woke up really ashamed that I had.

Why did I do it, you ask?

I was tired from working 8 hours. I was sick and it felt like my brain was turning into cream cheese. I just didnt want to socialize on any website that she signed me up for that had the word 'dating' on it, even if the very handsome korean gentlemen that responded only wanted to be pen pals.

Now, all of  those reasons are true and credible but I still can't stop feeling ashamed. There's shame because I work Neiman Marcus, a very high end retail store. Now, if you've never heard of Neimans you should know that you may pay more ,but what Neimans gives you is the experience. You experience service at its best. For instance, word has it that if you visit Neimans in Paris, you can buy an elephant, all while sipping wine. I can neither confirm or deny whether we stock these exclusive items but I can say that if we do it will most likely come smelling of flowers and gift wrapped.

Ok-so...shame! That's were I was at! I am ashamed because I can give 8 hours of pretty good service and when I get home and I'm talking to my mother, whom I love and admire, and she asks me for 2 minutes of my time to right a letter to my new pen pal she's excited about, I snap at her. I'm ashamed I have every little friends and up 'til now very little to offer the world, because I feel if you haven't done just one thing to make the world better then you haven't done enough.

Ok, enough harping. So I'm dedicating this whole entire year to....guess who? Me! Not to be selfish, but I need a lot of work. It's time I stopped making excuses and starting making memories and a difference and I'm using this blog to document my travels to becoming who God made me to be, hopefully inspiring others to do the same, and finally becoming whom I'm meant to be. I'm becoming April.

Be beautiful,